While the outlook for riding during the winter period is typically grim in the UK, the turn of the new year is an exciting time as most motorcycle manufacturers choose to unveil and launch their newest motorcycles. There are no valve probs with the a media beat up. It is a smooth road bike with adventure stylingThe problem is it is too heavy ,not the right sort of for general touring on road and will handle rough roads, dry packed dirt but not sand or mud or grass.

With events like the Transcontinental Race proving popular it's this sort of bike that is becoming the go-to choice for long distance bikepacking or lightweight touring, where you want a rugged bike able to tackle any sort of terrain you might encounter, the comfortable riding position a bonus when going the distance.

On ARR's regular Rider Skills segment, Coach Ramey Stroud, riding instructor, talks about two quick ways to turn your motorcycle around in a tight spot. Our bikes are designed and engineered in every detail. With many miles of dedicated and graded gravel roads, plus almost endless off-road links, it's the perfect place to hone your off-road skills on an Adventure Bike.

Just curious why a WR250R didn't make the list as a bike aimed at new adventure riders, specifically less experienced riders. That provides a vast range of tyre choice options, including many rugged touring and cyclocross tyres, as well as road slicks, so you've got plenty of options for setting the bike up for your riding demands.

Gravel and adventure bikes will have space for bigger tyres, but how big varies from brand to brand. It's worth taking a look at our roundup of endurance road bikes for examples of bikes that come close to a gravel and adventure bike. To help bring their bikes to more riders, the company is also targeting an update of the company web portal and new retail formats like smaller urban stores.

I could use it for commuting, I can and have used it during winter and warmer months for general road riding (albeit at my meagre 16-17mph av.), it can be used as an offroad 'adventure' bike as the ones listed are pitched at and with all those types of cycling have the ability to fit a huge range of tyres widths on anything from a 27.5 to the current 700C and 29er type rims AND be able to have a proper pannier rack fitted and normal full length mudguards whilst still having clearance for 45mm+ tyres with them fitted.

But they don't have to be. In recent years the emergence of more affordable, smaller capacity versions, such as Kawasaki's 650 Versys, has opened up the ‘adventure' world to far more riders, budget and tastes. The list progresses to more dirt oriented bikes for riders that expect to travel off-road more often.

Fully agree with you - i bought a 2016 renegade expert for £1300 from evans, upgraded the wheelset to hunt four seasons and have a bike that's fantastic for endurance riding, a bit of cross and light touring. It's more measured than a race bike, with a long wheelbase producing the sort of stability that makes it a very easy bike to ride along back roads and over more challenging trails.

So many talented riders from all over the US came to RawHyde Adventures for the 2015 GS Trophy Challenge West Coast Qualifiers. These motorcycles offer touring capabilities, but are less comfortable on long pavement trips than full-fledged touring motorcycles such as the Honda Goldwing series.

If it were, it would have a small, light and powerful single cylinder engine, a sleek and clutter-free chassis and weight close to 120kg fully fuelled and ready to. No adventure bike on the market hits those three balls - sorry, not one. Between the Triumph Tiger and the BMW F800GS, it dual sport adventure bike had to be the BMW As fun and exotic as a triple cylinder engine is, there's nothing wrong with a good old fashioned parallel twin.

All Triumph adventure motorcycles are designed hand in hand with a great range of top quality genuine Triumph accessories designed to complement and further enhance the comfort, capability and style of your bike. RawHyde Adventures has something fun and exhilarating for any Adventure Rider.

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